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Here are just a few tips to help you have a long burning candle. Also continue to read to find out that you don't have to throw the leftover wax away!

Always place candle on a heat resistant surface. Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".  Check often to eliminate high flame and smoking.  These type of "Food Candles" tend to lose their shape and require "hugging".  Simply hug your candle with your hands to keep the shape of the candle together.  Remember that there is HOT liquid wax that may leak out so use caution when hugging your candle.  Never allow your candle to burn for more than 2 hours at a time.  Your wick may develop a mushroom.  This is a friendly reminder that you have purchased a HANDMADE, HIGHLY SCENTED candle.  You will need to trim your wick back to 1/4".   

Want to blow out your flame and never get another smoky yucky scent into the air? OK...just take your scissors or a piece of metal or clippers or whatever you can find to do this with and DIP your wick into the melt pool...real quick...this will extinguish the flame and if you do it quickly you will not see ANY smoke into the air...and your scent from the candle will linger on instead of the smoky blown out wick!

Don't know what to do when your candle can no longer burn?  Buy an electric potpourri simmering pot.  They look like mini crockpots.    You can purchase these at Walmart.  The melted wax will eventually lose it's scent.  Make sure to pour the old wax into a disposable container such as an old pickle jar.  Wipe your pot out while it's still warm with a paper towel.  Then you can pop in a new
"leftover" candle!   Enjoy and remember that these candles are poured "One Atta Time" by Home Crafted Candles!